A majority of Croatians do NOT want to join EU or NATO


A majority of Croatians do NOT want to join EU or NATO. However, it is the government who will lead them into these terrible unions. Once again, much like the 7 or so (forgot the exact number) Croatians who signed the agreement to unify Croatia with Serbia after WWI, a hand full of fat heads in Zagreb will decide Croatia's future for the next several decades if not centuries.

Already among those nations in the EU we are seeing strong comments against the EU policies. In England, their recent EU representative elections produced the UK Independent Party which is against cooperation with the EU. They received 20 some percent of the votes.

Croatia's economic future should not be in Frankfurt...and its sovereignty should not be controlled by Brussels. Once again Croats are willing to rush into foolish unions without giving them good thought and open public debate. NATO or the EU will not seriously take into account Croatia's needs...we are too small of a nation. We will be at their mercy.

Hrvati probudite se!

Jeffrey Bacic


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