Ispod je Niemoeller-ova antifašistička pjesma.
Primjenjena na Račan-Sanaderovu Hrvatsku počinje:

"Najprije su došli po branitelje ..."


Najprije su došli…

Najprije su došli po komuniste
a ja nisam ništa rekao –
jer nisam bio komunist

Zatim su došli po sindikaliste
a ja nisam ništa rekao –
jer nisam bio komunist

Nakon toga su došli po katolike
a ja nisam ništa rekao –
jer nisam bio katolik

Onda su došli po mene
I tada nije bilo više nikoga
da bi mogao progovoriti za mene

Martin Niemoeller, protestantski pastor i nacistička žrtva

Kreatori novog svjetskog poretka su najprije došli po branitelje. Odnosno Hrvatski vladari su im najprije su im poslali branitelje. Odnosno mi Hrvati smo im najprije predali branitelje. One iste koji su nas branili, obranili i - preživjeli. Sve nepodnošljivi grijesi za svjetske moćnike.

Zdeslav Hrepić


Notes vezane uz pjesmu prenesene sa:

  1. Once upon a time in Germany the Nazis rounded up citizens and murdered them. Other German citizens were so frightened by the Nazis they pretended not to see what was happening to their neighbors. Is the press in your country so frightened by the Elite your journalists and photo-journalists have become a group of "Not-Sees."? Or, are your journalists and photo-journalists "Not-Sees" because they can make more money being dishonest then they can from being honest? see 2 Peter 2:1 roundtable@geocities.com
  2. Some versions of this poem read: ...communists; ...socialists; ...trade unionists; ...me; in that order - but Hitler's party was the National Socialists which makes the Socialists 'motif' unlikely, also persecution of the Catholics took place before the protestants, for any true man of God certainly worthy of inclusion in the poem.
  3. It is quite worrying and depressing to see corruptions of the poem, purporting to be Niemoeller's original, beginning 'First they came for the Jews...' the rounding up of Jews happened towards the end of World War II and was, of course, Hitler's 'Final Solution' not 'First' at all.
  4. What that famous and moving quotation does not mention is that before they came for the Communists, they came for the homeless, the mentally disabled, the unemployed, and all those categorized as "asocial." (from McSpotlight site: )



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